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THE So-Called “JULIO- case”

  Much came forward under Hypnoses …….. (Translated from Swedish by rune, not perfect) Hypnoses conducted by Senor Jose Luis Jordan Pena,(picture below)who is a psychologist and head of the Spanish paramilitary Psychological Society, Senorita Ana Mozo, a qualified hypnotist and Dr, Jesus Duran, a psychiatrist and specialist in clinical hypnosis. Not once was found contradiction in any of the statements Julio F had during hypnosis. Each session… Read More

The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects: Chapter 3

CHAPTER 3, THE CLASSICS: With the Soviets practically eliminated as a UFO source, the idea of interplanetary spaceships was becoming more popular. During 1948 the people in ATIC were openly discussing the possibility of interplanetary visitors without others tapping their heads and looking smug. During 1948 the novelty of UFO’s had worn off for the Press and every John and Jane Doe who saw one didn’t make the… Read More

Salvador Freixedo: The War Against the Gods

an article by Scott Corrales He has challenged the might of the Catholic Church, been a witness to phantom animals up close, photographed the carcasses of freshly mutilated heads of cattle and climbed the heights of a mountain in search of alien contact until driven back by sonic booms. His books have examined every aspect of the UFO phenomenon and suggested frightening new theories. His personal archives contain… Read More