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Professionals Can’t Get Clear Photos of UFOs Either

  One of the most common complaints heard by those of us who write about UFOs is that the photographs and videos are so blurry and out-of-focus. If only a professional photographer with expensive equipment, high-powered lenses, a steady hand and an eye for details would see a UFO … Keep wishing. Two professionals spotted UFOs on the same day this month and the results are the same… Read More

Extraterrestrial reality, societal decline and collapse

by Ed Komarek One of the major stumbling blocks that I come across in regards to informing the government and mass media propagandized public on UFO issues is exemplified in a question I hear a lot from lay people. The question is, “So what if extraterrestrials are real, what difference does it make if aliens exist? I don’t see how any of this is effecting or going to… Read More

Project REDSUN

ALDRIN AND ARMSTRONG ON MARS IN 1970? PRESS RELEASE-TESTIMONY – APRIL 25, 2011 by Luca Scantamburlo member of the Free Lance International Press (Rome, Italy)  I introduce to you a press release-testimony I have written to discuss the presumed existence of a hush-hush military Space program called “Project Redsun”, carried out in the ’70s of the last century to build a stationary base on Mars, the Red Planet.… Read More