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1994: The Middle of the F***ing Desert (A Trip to Groom Lake)

Please feel free to photocopy the text or send or post this document electronically to anyone who you think might be interested. My only requests are; (1) You do it without charge. (2) You copy or send this document in unaltered form and in its entirety, not as partial excerpts. (3) This notice appear on all copies. ————————————————————————— 06/26/94 The Middle of the Fucking Desert (A Trip to… Read More

1998: Nellis, UFO Buffs, War Games And Deadly Crashes

Source: The Las Vegas Sun [NV] Date: Sept 5 1998 Tim Dahlberg [AP] LAS VEGAS – The F-117 stealth fighter flew secret nighttime tests there. So did the U-2 and other spy planes. UFO buffs believe the government studies aliens in a top-security area on its northern fringe. Military mysteries aside, it’s no secret Nellis Air Force Base range can be a deadly place. The crash of two… Read More

1995: Transcript of V.L.’s Custer

Transcript of V.L.’s Custer, South Dakota Meeting in August, 1995. This is a transcript from a tape of a talk that he gave regarding his 12 years at Area 51. V.L. is an upstanding citizen, a gentleman and speaks the truth, this we assure you. I spent from June of 1965 to August of 1977 directly on the Nevada Test Site, worked there full time. I was Radiation… Read More