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2006: Abduction of Hannah Billups or The Depopulation of Earth

by Dirk Vander Ploeg Posted November 9, 2006 Hannah Billups believes that she has special gifts given to her by God, that allow her to see people, places and events through visions. One day she had a vision of a beautiful little girl that was in desperate trouble and needed help. So she got on the telephone and called the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and related her… Read More

Return of the Angels; UFOs in Israel, Past and Present – Chapter 2

RETURN OF THE ANGELS: Chapter Two The possibility that the bible is a long UFO story was first expounded by a likely charlatan named George Adamson in the 1950s who was fortunate enough to have as an advocate, George Hunt Williamson, whose books expounding on Adamson’s theories were well written and are still intriguing to this day. The downside to Williamson’s works is his acceptance of Adamson’s proofs… Read More