Subject: Abduction

The following was taken from the UFO Sky Searchers International list. This letter is being sent anonymously for a very good reason. I don’t want my name attached to this subject in any way, shape or form. I have worked very hard to get three university degrees and gain my professional status. I could notRead More

1995: An Alien Harvest

Evidence of Grey Origins and Reasons for Human Abduction Written and Compiled by: Dragonbane Final Release (v2.5):8-6-1995 Please Direct any questions to by E-mail to: Among the mysteries of modern ufology is the origin of the entities know as the Greys. These small beings are the most commonly observed entities reported by abductees aboardRead More

Project VISIT

“…About ten years ago (1980’s), a few scientists and engineers, who worked for NASA and shared an interest in UFO abductions, came together to form a group they called Project VISIT — Vehicle Internal Systems Investigative Team. They studied about 130 cases of UFO abductions with the goal of constructing a model of UFOs, theirRead More

Hybridization Program

Both Budd Hopkins and David Jacobs warn about a hybridization program. The abduction phenomenon reveals that the alien agenda involves the creation of, probably genetically engineered, alien (i.e. Grey) – human hybrids. Some of these hybrids can walk among us undetected. According to Budd Hopkins, these hybrids “are reportedly driving cars, shopping, and conducting strangeRead More

Project Mindwreaker: 1987

Many abductees mention experiencing a (mentally induced) state of artificial paralysis during their abduction. The Mindwreaker Project, started in 1987, tries to imitate this phenomenon, to use it as a weapon. A lot of alien technology would be involved in this project. The ‘Kondrashkin‘ would be one of the main suppliers. Related articles Mind Over Matter –Read More


A lot of people have been abducted by aliens. Scientific research by experts like the late Harvard Prof. John Mack, the MIT’s Prof. David Pritchard, Prof. David Jacobs, Leo Sprinkle, or Budd Hopkins revealed that at least 4 million people within the USA have been abducted, and that’s the most conservative estimate. As only 20Read More