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Apollo 11’

‘Best UFO Evidence in Years’ During Soyuz Docking With ISS

by Jon Austin THIS footage of the International Space Station apparently surrounded by Unidentifed Flying Objects (UFOs) this week as been branded “the best piece of evidence in years” for the existence of aliens. The footage (below) has caused a storm after being uploaded on a video by YouTube channel Mister Enigma entitled “UFOs seeen everywhere during Soyuz docking on NASA USTREAM.” It shows a portion of the… Read More

Contractor Claims NASA Covered Up 3 UFO Sightings on Moon

A video has surfaced showing a woman claiming to be a former NASA contractor who says she viewed and heard evidence that NASA astronauts saw three UFOs land on the moon which were later covered up in an operation code-named “Santa Claus.” She also claims that thousands of photographs of UFOs have been altered and airbrushed. Is she telling the truth? They didn’t threaten to kill me but… Read More


From Kingdom Voice March 1998 The following facts confirm the existence of documented UFO sightings by American astronauts. MAJOR GORDON COOPER: One of the original Mercury Astronauts and the last American to fly in space alone. On May 15, 1963, he shot into space in a Mercury capsule for a 22 orbit journey around the world. During the final orbit, Major Gordon Cooper told the tracking station at… Read More