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Some Clearer Pictures of UFOs For a Change

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Why does it seem that pictures and videos of UFOs always appear to be blurry, fuzzy and hazy? (Weren’t those the names of the dwarfs that Snow White fired from the original ten?) Well, your complaints have been heard. A number of recent sightings were recorded by witnesses with quality cameras, steady hands and good lighting. Let’s see if it makes a difference.


From Sofia, Bulgaria, comes a photo of a disc or saucer-shaped UFO flying over a new building that the witness was taking pictures of on October 8, 2015 .

The object was moving fast and making sharp turns, but one of the 15 photos taken by the witness caught the UFO while it was stationary and before it shot up and disappeared.

Well done, anonymous witness!


This next photo is of a UFO seen over Atlanta, Georgia, on September 13, 2015.

According to the testimony of the witness, the UFO emerged from some clouds and hovered for a short time.

It then ejected what appeared to be a smaller craft and took off.

Meanwhile, the smaller UFO went into freefall and then disappeared.

Great picture, anonymous UFO spotter!

The best and most controversial sighting is this video of three UFOs reportedly seen flying over Cairo, Egypt, on September 28th, 2015. No other information was provided other than that the fleet was recorded by an anonymous student who followed the UFOs as they moved quickly across the sky before dropping below the horizon. Excellent video, anonymous student!

Are these photographs and videos of UFOs over Bulgaria, Georgia and Cairo clear enough to satisfy UFO skeptics? Probably not. The usual complaint when images are sharp is that they must be fake or computer generated. So blurry is bad and focused is fake. That leaves … opaque? This criticism of virtually all UFO images causes many witnesses to keep to themselves what might possibly be the missing links of UFO photographs.

With that in mind, what do you think of these clear pictures and videos of UFOs?