PROJECT Unknown???????

The mission of this project was to develop a low frequency pulsed sound generator.  The energy produced from this generator was to be concentrated so that it could be aimed and used as a weapon in order to destroy the alien craft and beam weapons.  The alien beam weapons were described as ange but able to incapacitate or destroy any weapons system known to date (1972). 

The aliens also possess a beam weapon which is described as being able to paralyse any human within range.  Tests were described as having shown that the alien craft and weapons were extremely sensitive to low frequency pulsed sound waves.  This weapon was to be used to incapacitate the alien defenses in order to allow 

PROJECT Excalibur to succeed in its mission. 

The initial technology used in this project was capture the Germans during WW- II.  The German sound generators were described as being able to knock down reinforced concrete buildings and shatter 4″ thick armour from a great range.  This technology is believed to further substantiate that Germany had recovered alien craft and had possibly had some dealings with the aliens prior to or during WW-II.  Documents captured during and after WW-II indicated that an alien craft had been recovered by Germany in 1939.  A German built flying saucer was captured during the last few months of WW-II.


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