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Project Sigma is the name of the project that deals with contact and communication with alien civilizations. It is believed that it started under Pres. Eisenhower. Bill Cooper claimed SIGMA is the project which first established communications with the aliens and is still responsible for communications. This first official contact would have been made in 1953. Like in the movie “independance day,” huge ships were detected in orbit, and contact was made. This would lead to Plato Project and to  project Serpo (the exchange of ambassadors).

The mission of PROJECT SIGMA was to establish communication with the aliens. First communication was established in 1959 through binary computer language. On April 25, 1964 a USAF (OSI) officer met with aliens at a prearranged desert location in New Mexico. Information was exchanged and a basic understanding was reached after several hours.  It was learned through this effort that several species of alien life existed. Communication was eventually established with all of them. Through communications it was determined that 3 catagorys existed.

The three catagorys are


The project has been extremely successful.

Information that allegedly was leaked from the Pentagon and published on the Serpo site ( in August 2006, however, claims project Sigma is an ongoing project that involves the studying of alien spacecraft.
Note: as all other sources refer to Sigma as the communications’ programme, I have serious doubts that Sigma would be the name of the project that involves studying alien spacecraft.

(See: Redlight Project, Snowbird Project & Pluto Project ).