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Operation Blue Fly

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Bluefly, also spelled Blue Fly, is the name of a subproject of the Moondust-program (which is the name of a framework of programs that are UFO related). It is an action plan to immediately move newly found highly-technological materials (from UFO-crashes, etc.) that are important to the secret services, to the FTD (Foreign Technology Division).

MW Cooper describes a similar project, yet, calls it the Pounce Project

(SUPPORTED UFO & MOONDUST) The mission of operation Bluefly was to provide QUICK REACTION COMBAT TEAMS known as ALPHA teams (fight for technology if necessary), mechanical and technological support in recovery, rapid and secure transport to secure storage and examination areas. 

There are several of these storage and examination areas in order to limit distance traveled and thus limit the possible chance of an accident that cou e cargo to public knowledge. 

Several teams existed over the world.  Recovery and transport of both EBEs (dead or alive) and Alien craft were accomplished.

Bluefly was also utilized in event of recovery of space objects (of terrestrial origin), and event of recovery of lost nuclear weapons (usually due to accident).