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‘UFO’s In History’

1800s: Mysterious Sailing Saucer And A Woman Identified In Japanese Folk Tale

According to Japanese folk tale, extraterrestrials visited planet Earth in the 19th century. Many stories and theories have been telling that aliens have been visiting Earth secretly for many centuries now. However, this particular folktale from Japan, which believed to happen in the early 1800s, continues to inspire many UFO enthusiasts and believers. Reportedly written in 1825, the story starts with the discovery of a very unusual vessel… Read More

2008: UFOs and 14th Century Black Death

© 2008 by Linda Moulton Howe “People were reporting ‘comets.’ But they were clearly not comets from the descriptions. People were reporting bright flying objects and said the aerial objects were spraying gas, which they called ‘mists’ that caused the Black Death.” – William Bramley, Atty., The Gods of Eden The classic sign of the 14th Century bubonic plague was the appearance of buboes shown in illustration, which… Read More

A Primer: UFO’s Throughout History

MUFON Summary: The sighting of strange objects in the sky may actually predate the emergence of modern man. Perhaps the earliest depiction of cylindrical objects resembling spacecraft, with what might be their extraterrestrial occupants, are those carved on a granite mountain and on rocks on an island in Hunan Province, China. They have been assigned a tentative age of 47,000 years, which puts them within the time-span of… Read More

Alien Artifacts

A Real Alien? This picture was taken from a frame of a video called “UFOs: Fifty Years of Denial” © 1998 produced by Quick FOX Production, James Fox, Executive Producer (not associated with the FOX News Network). FOX Production said that the “alien” picture was dated circa 1952 and wouldn’t give anymore details.Note the apparent bruising on the face and the knot running diagonally up along the thin… Read More

The UFO Phenomenon In History

Steven Mizrach Summary: The purpose of this essay is not to demonstrate the validity of the “ancient astronauts” school of thought. As that branch of UFOlogy has several flaws, and is dependent on the ETH, I am not inclined to back up its presuppositions. What I am trying to demonstrate is that there have been encounters between UFOs and UFO entities throughout history, long before 1947. The purpose… Read More

UFO Seen In Fifteenth-Century Painting From The Birthplace Of Dracula

Recently discovered painting from Sighisoara, Romania shows what appears to be a UFO hovering above the building that might be related to the real-life Dracula. The painting is located on the 700-year-old monastery’s wall and was photographed by tourist Catalina Borta this summer. Borta sent the photograph to a UFO research group for further evaluation. The painting shows an apparent church, perhaps the same building where the painting… Read More

UFOs in History

Samuel Rosenberg 1. Introduction 2. Ancient Theories of the Cosmos 3. Ancient Theories of the Rainbow 4. UFO Books 5. “Ancient” UFO Reports 6. The “Byland Abbey Sighting” 7. The “Book of Dyzan” 8. The “Tulli Papyrus“ 9. Conclusion REFERENCES NCAS EDITORS’ NOTE: The author of this chapter wrote it as a long essay with no sub-chapters. In the interest of reader conveninece, we have placed internal links… Read More