Bell Shaped UFO’s

This is a rare craft, and not enough data has been accumulated to give its general configuration. Report 1 BELL SHAPED UFO WITH STATIONARY YELLOW LIGHT, AND FADING IN AND OUT, RED BRIGHT LIGHT. I was on the motorway heading towards Plimmerton coming from Pukerua Bay when I saw a Bell Shaped Object in theRead More

Boomerang / Chevron Shaped UFO’s

Increasingly over the years reports have come in concerning sightings of the chevron or boomerang shaped craft. Many of these are multiple witness reports. Perhaps the reason for this is simply the size of the craft reported. The smaller of these two UFOs‘, is generally described as being chevron shaped, while the larger is generallyRead More

Box Shaped UFO’s

Report 1 Gray box-like craft, no lights, silent, being followed by a helicopter I was over at my mom’s house after we’d gone to see a movie. When we got back she had messages on her phone message machine and returned a call. I was sitting on the couch when I heard a very loudRead More

Changing Shape UFO’s

Difficult as it is when you have a sighting, and to try and come to terms with what you are seeing, is the amazement of those who have a craft sighting when it also changes shape. No other alien technology demonstrates more forcibly just how far advanced they are, from what we comprehend at thisRead More

Cone Shaped UFO’s

Cone craft are relatively rare, however a synopsis of the crafts characteristics is as follows: Size varies from a few feet in length to 30 feet. As well as individual craft they are sometimes seen in clusters, often performing identical movements as if synchronized. Coloures vary from dull white to a neon blue, many reportsRead More

Cross Shaped UFO’s

Cross shaped craft are comparatively rare,so its hard to determine the general configurations. It size seems to vary from jet fighter size, to extremely large. Colors reported for this craft are varied, but several have been seen to have white lights at the cross extremities and red or bright red in the center,occasionally pulsating. On severalRead More

Cylinder Shaped UFO’s

Cylindrical UFOs’ have been witnessed on many occasions to sit stationary in the sky for very long periods of time. Several have been witnessed to return the following day to the same location, as if they have not yet finished their surveillance. These locations are generally sensitive military installations, large bodies of water, electrical orRead More