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The Seres Agenda

“For the first time, The Seres Agenda adventure uncovers the recently green-lit hidden truth about what is soon coming to our planet Earth no one will anticipate. This is not about a prediction of the end of the world, a foreboding Armageddon, or doomed fate for our planet. However, it is the pronouncement of the coming of an event that has never happened before, an event that will… Read More

UFO Congress in Argentina Highlights Shocking Claims

The Seventeenth International Ufology Congress held in Capilla del Monte addressed major questions about life on Mars and invisible beings. A city in Argentina located 800 kilometers or almost 500 miles west of Buenos Aires, the Capilla del Monte hosted a four-day gathering that ended on Sunday, November 9, 2014. Argentine and foreign UFO researchers gave updates on their work, discussed their personal experiences, and presented audiovisual records… Read More