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1997: Exclusive Interview with American Computer President Jack Shulman On the Roswell/Bell Labs Controversy

Exclusive Interview with American Computer President Jack Shulman On the Roswell/Bell Labs Controversy By: Michael Lindemann Word from Jeroen Wierda: This (news)article is about the ACC (American Computer Company) news that we continue to hear about. This article is an interview with ACC prez. Jack Shulman. Permission to place this article was granted by Michael Lindemann from CNI News ( To receive two trial issues of CNI News, email… Read More

1999: Electric Flying Machines

Chapter 7 “Electric Flying Machines”  —  Thomas Townsend Brown “Lost Science”   by Gerry Vassilatos Limited permission granted to use this material in other presentations. ISBN 0-932813-75-5   © 1999 CAVERNOUS SPACE For the enthralled onlookers who reported the mysterious and luminary “aeroships” during the 1890’s, cavernous space seemed to be opening new secrets and potentials for humanity. The whole nation watched the night skies for signs of… Read More