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2014: Mysterious UFO Flies Low Above Pennsylvanian Houses and Emits Orange Light In Several Homes

Encounter by a Pennsylvanian witness at Marietta was reported to MUFON and filed in its witness reporting database under Case 61106. According to the report, the UFO is an orange sphere-shaped, flying just 40 feet above the reporting witness’ home. The UFO reportedly lit up the ground as it slowly moved across the neighborhood. The witness was on his front porch sitting at 1:10 am on a Monday… Read More

2014: Ring-shaped UFO over Mexico City – VIDEO

Here’s a new video of a circular-shaped unidentified flying object hovering in the daytime sky above Mexico City. This was recorded in early December 2014. Related articles These Disturbing Photos Of Children Playing In Garbage Show Just How Bad Pollution Can Be October 1965 Sightings Worldwide Protests Erupt Over the Racist, Failed War on Drugs 1975: Algeria, Africa Sightings – The Head Of ‘The Central Bank Of The… Read More

2014: UFO Captured On Video In California By Nick Menza (Ex-Megadeth Drummer)

Nick Meza, a former drummer for Megadeth, a popular music band from Los Angeles has captured a UFO (unidentified flying object) while filming the moon with his son just a few days ago in Studio City, California. He has posted it to his YouTube account, and has received large amounts of media attention including requests for  guest appearances on major mainstream media networks to discuss the event. This… Read More

2014: UFO Hovers Above Arkansas Nuclear Plant and Angel Hair Falls From The Sky In Portugal

Visitors from another planet may have an interest in the Arkansas Nuclear Plant as many reported seeing a mysterious flying object hovering above it for nearly two hours few days ago. Many observed the UFO above the Arkansas Nuclear One (ANO) water reactor nuclear power plant, near Russellville, according to Headlines and Global News, reported through MUFON. A local witness, who recorded the event on his camera, said… Read More

Crystal Clear Video of Multiple UFOs Captured In Sao Paulo Brasil – August 2014

Below is a video of a recent UFO sighting that took place in Sa0 Paulo, Brasil in early August of this year. The footage is extremely clear and shows multiple objects that are clearly unidentifiable. Remember, “UFO” refers to an unidentified flying object, and they are constantly tracked on airport and military radar. To read more about that and to look at some more specific examples, please click… Read More

Group of Friends Recorded UFOs Near The Eiffel Tower

A tourist inadvertently caught a UFO fleet zooming around the Eiffel Tower of Paris, France in a cell phone video, which she posted on YouTube. The three mysterious, fast-moving objects in the video still waiting for an explanation about their true identity. A group of friends reportedly witnessed three UFOs that seemed to be flying past the Eiffel Tower. A lady among the group of friends recorded the… Read More

Medellin is Becoming Attractive to UFOs

  In the 1980s, Medellin, Colombia, developed a reputation as the most violent city in the world due to the drug cartel run by Pablo Escobar. The violence and crime began to drop almost immediately after Escobar was killed on December 2, 1993. Today, Medellin is the second-largest city in Colombia and has become a model city, attracting businesses, investors and … UFOs. If 2014 is any indication,… Read More

Paranormal TV Presents… : The Secret: Evidence We Are Not Alone

Based on thousands of pages of de-classified documents, examines the government belief in aliens. Related articles The Quest For The Metal Library The Horrors of Public Education The Underground Creationist Space Agency Blocks Evidence of ETs Guatemalan Indigenous Communities Beat Monsanto & Seed Privatization The Origins of Creation According to Mayan Grand Elder Who Thinks Your Thoughts?

Returning UFOs and Aliens Are Suspects For Mysterious Fires In Sicily

Mysterious, spontaneous fires were experienced at a town in northern Sicily in 2004, prompting officials to speculate that those fires were the result of alien activity. Now, the same fires have occurred again. The fires devastated the town of Canneto di Caronia, located on the northern coast of Sicily. In 2004, dozens of experts flown to the town to investigate the mysterious fires while the town had to… Read More

Triangle formation caught on tape over Zagreb, Croatia – March 2014

This UFO sighting was just recently uploaded on the Youtube, but it was recorded on 25th March 2014. The witness recorded this video ot triangular formation in Zagreb, the capital and the largest city of the Republic of Croatia. The post Triangle formation caught on tape over Zagreb, Croatia – March 2014 appeared first on Latest UFO Sightings. Related articles 1989: Belgium Triangle UFO Sightings 2014: Aussie Report… Read More

Triangular Aircraft with Adaptive Camouflage Sighted Over Michigan!

by Olav Phillips A new video has emerged from a MUFON “CE-5″ skywatch in Auburn Hills, MI. which may show a secret aircraft utilizing adaptive camouflage. The video shot at 8pm on November 2, 2014 shows three lights in a triangular pattern streak across the sky. At some point there are clouds which the aircraft seems to fly through as well as as several stars which it seems… Read More

UFO Flying Over Iran Filmed By Commercial Airline Passenger

A passenger on a commercial airliner flying over Iranian airspace manged to capture some fascinating footage of an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO). It seems to be quite small, bright white and shaped like a disc. UFO sightings are becoming very common and reports of sightings continue to increase every year. This is one of the most recent reports coming from a commercial airline, earlier this year the captain… Read More

UFOs Caught By Canadian News Crew During Forest Fire Coverage

A video shot outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, during a forest fire unexpectedly captured a lot more than firefighting efforts. On July 17, 2014,, a news organization in Western Canada, posted a video shot in West Kelowna — northeast of Vancouver — featuring efforts to stop the Smith Creek Wildfire. Here’s the original video report, showing the UFO at approximately 26 seconds. “In the news piece,… Read More