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1997: Apollo 12 Sightings

by Donald B. Ratsch On Friday November 13, 1997 by pre arrangement I traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with ORTK member and MUFON’s Representative for Washington D.C. Elaine Douglas. Elaine knew I was interested in and collected NASA UFO footage. She wanted me to meet a man she knew that could give me some interesting information on that subject. She also wanted me to show this man… Read More


From Kingdom Voice March 1998 The following facts confirm the existence of documented UFO sightings by American astronauts. MAJOR GORDON COOPER: One of the original Mercury Astronauts and the last American to fly in space alone. On May 15, 1963, he shot into space in a Mercury capsule for a 22 orbit journey around the world. During the final orbit, Major Gordon Cooper told the tracking station at… Read More

2007: NASA to Search Files on UFO Incident

WASHINGTON (Oct. 27) NASA has agreed to search its archives once again for documents on a 1965 UFO incident in Pennsylvania, a step the space agency fought in federal court. The government has refused to open its files about what, if anything, moved across the sky and crashed in the woods near Kecksburg, Pa., 40 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. Traffic was tied up in the area as curiosity… Read More

2013: NASA Employed Photo Artists To Airbrush Out Apollo Anomalies!

Finally, film evidence has come to light proving that NASA has been airbrushing out anomalous objects on the moons surface! During the Disclosure Project press conference, former NASA employee, Donna Hare, revealed how NASA managed to cover up and erase anomalies such as UFOs from satellite photos. She was a female slide technician and received numerous space awards including 1969 Apollo Achievement award from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1973 Skylab award, a medallion for… Read More

NASA’s Alien Anomalies caught on film – A compilation of stunning UFO footage from NASA’s archives

This compilation includes many of my favorite NASA UFO encounters/sightings that I have archived over the years. All of these examples (with the exception of the second-to-last one) were captured on film by NASA astronauts or Russian Cosmonauts over the past half-century – showing many amazing examples from different eras – Gemini, Apollo, Apollo/Soyuz Test Project, Skylab, STS, the ISS, plus a couple Russian-source additions from their unmanned… Read More

NASA Satellite Catches Massive Sized UFO Near The Sun

A mysterious UFO was spotted by an amateur astronomer while watching the Sun’s live feed from a NASA satellite over the weekend. UFO bloggers have been talking about it after checking out Helioviewer, which broadcast real-time images of the Sun taken from Solar and Heliospheric Observatory or simply known as SOHO, a sun-observing satellite. UFO enthusiasts notice something that emerges from the Sun and most of them posted… Read More

The Outer Space Security And Development Treaty Of 2012

his Is The First Of Many That Will Be Made For This World Changing Event That Will Happen In Our Time Of This, Our Human History! Are You Ready For World Peace? Related articles Nobel laureates press EU leaders to classify tar sands as high carbon New Economy 2015: The Future of Capitalism Love, Reality And The Time Of Transition 1996: Report on the Star Knowledge Conference They… Read More

UFO Spotted During NASA’s Apollo 7 Mission – Astronauts Redact Truth With Duct Tape?!

January 20, 2015 –  SPACE – A UFO has been spotted in archive footage of Apollo 7 – the first manned Apollo mission to take astronauts into space and around the Earth. The unidentified flying object is ‘clearly seen’ in one of the frames from the mission, UFO fanatics have said. Their narrative of the events then suggests that the astronauts — realising what was at stake — decided… Read More


Major Gordon Cooper One of the original Mercury Astronauts and the last American to fly in space alone. On May 15, 1963 he shot into space in a Mercury capsule for a 22 orbit journey around the world. During the final orbit, Major Gordon Cooper told the tracking station at Muchea (near Perth Australia) that he could see a glowing, greenish object ahead of him quickly approaching his… Read More

UFO Spotted Circling Mysterious Lights on Ceres

The mysterious lights on the dwarf planet Ceres are apparently of interest to more than just the Dawn spacecraft currently in orbit around it. New photographs of the lights show what appears to be a UFO circling the area and performing some impressive maneuvers. Is NASA going to make a statement on this one or resort to another viewer poll? The UFO can be seen in the latest… Read More

Astronaut Gordon Cooper Witnessed a UFO Landing in 1957

“I had a camera crew filming the installation when they spotted a saucer. They filmed it as it flew overhead, then hovered, extended three legs as landing gear, and slowly came down to land on a dry lake bed. It was a classic saucer, shiny silver and smooth, about 30 feet across. It was pretty clear it was an alien craft.” The event Cooper describes happened in 1957.… Read More

Contractor Claims NASA Covered Up 3 UFO Sightings on Moon

A video has surfaced showing a woman claiming to be a former NASA contractor who says she viewed and heard evidence that NASA astronauts saw three UFOs land on the moon which were later covered up in an operation code-named “Santa Claus.” She also claims that thousands of photographs of UFOs have been altered and airbrushed. Is she telling the truth? They didn’t threaten to kill me but… Read More

‘Best UFO Evidence in Years’ During Soyuz Docking With ISS

by Jon Austin THIS footage of the International Space Station apparently surrounded by Unidentifed Flying Objects (UFOs) this week as been branded “the best piece of evidence in years” for the existence of aliens. The footage (below) has caused a storm after being uploaded on a video by YouTube channel Mister Enigma entitled “UFOs seeen everywhere during Soyuz docking on NASA USTREAM.” It shows a portion of the… Read More