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‘Project Sign’

1948: Project Sign

Loy Lawhon Summary: There is reliable testimony that in August, 1948, the Technical Intelligence Division at Wright-Patterson and Project Sign, decided to make a formal Estimate of the Situation. The Estimate was a top secret document that contained unexplained sightings by pilots, scientists, and other reliable witnesses. The report concluded that UFOs were of extraterrestrial origin. The Army Air Force was, in one form or another, involved in… Read More

Project Sign

Project Sign, just like project Grudge, is an earlier version of  Project Project Blue Book. Project Sign was the first project to officially investigate UFOs.under MAJESTIC TWELVE It was short-lived: it was started in 1948 and already by the end of 1948 it was succeeded by Project Grudge. The main reason for this is that by fall 1948 the project Sign team had come to the conclusion that… Read More