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‘Dr. J. Allen Hynek’

1985: Close Encounter with Dr. J. Allen Hynek

By Dennis Stacy An Interview With The Dean 1985 Re-Edited for CUFON by Dale Goudie 1991 For over two decades, from 1948 to 1969, Dr. J. Allen Hynek was a consultant in astronomy to the United States Air Force. The subject of his advice, however, was not the fledgling space program or even the moon and stars above, but Unidentified Flying Objects. In 1973 he founded the Center… Read More

The Hynek Classification System

Witnesses to UFOs report many different shapes and sizes. From discs to cigars to triangles and almost anything you could imagine. Despite the varied shapes and sizes, researchers have tried to organize these sightings into neat little boxes. In reality, this can’t be done. However, there have been two systems developed which are as close as we can get to categorizing sighting reports. One is these is the… Read More