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‘Phoenix Project’

The Phoenix Project absorbs Project Rainbow

While the Phoenix Project was investigating the weather and the use of radiosondes, Project Rainbow resurfaced in the late 1940’s. Project Rainbow (which was the code name for the operation that brought about the Philadelphia Experiment) was going to continue research into the phenomena encountered on the USS Eldridge. This project was concerned with the “electromagnetic bottle” technology, which eventually resulted in today’s stealth fighter craft. At about… Read More

Wilhelm Reich & the Phoenix Project

  The U.S. Government began a weather control project in the late 1940’s under the codename “Phoenix.” The information and technology for this came from Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian scientist who had studied with Freud and Carl Jung. Reich was an extremely brilliant man but highly controversial. Although he experimented extensively and wrote many volumes, few of his critics have taken an honest look at all of… Read More

Project Phoenix

 Phoenix also is the name of a CIA Mind Control Program.  The program, in the second half of the 60’s, was centered around behavior modification experiments to learn how to extract information from prisoners of war in Vietnam. (Quoted by Harry V. Martin and David Caul, from Douglas Valentine’s “The Phoenix Program“) Val Valerian conducted several interviews on the matter and came to the conclusion that there actually… Read More