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‘Government Projects’

Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects

The “Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects” (Condon & Gillmor 1969; often referred to as the “Condon Report”) presents the findings of the Colorado Project regarding a scientific study of unidentified flying objects. It remains the most influential public document concerning the current scientific status of the UFO issue. Following is a short chronology of events that led to the Air Force contract with the University of Colorado… Read More


This information is presented for your perusal and is a continuation of my policy of informing the public what is currently available. The content of this information does NOT necessarily reflect the personal views of the poster, nor should the views, opinions,statements or claims represented in the following be accepted by anyone reading these texts at *face* value. If this interests you, please endeavor to research it yourself… Read More

The Hynek Classification System

Witnesses to UFOs report many different shapes and sizes. From discs to cigars to triangles and almost anything you could imagine. Despite the varied shapes and sizes, researchers have tried to organize these sightings into neat little boxes. In reality, this can’t be done. However, there have been two systems developed which are as close as we can get to categorizing sighting reports. One is these is the… Read More

The Project Bluebook Unknowns, Complete

July 3, 1947; Harborside, Maine. 2:30 p.m.  EDT. Witness: astronomer John Cole of South Brooksville, Me. Watched 10-15 seconds while ten very light objects, with two dark forms to their left, moved like a swarm of bees to the northwest.  A loud roar was heard. July 4, 1947; over Emmet, Idaho. 8:17 p.m.  PDT. Witnesses: United Air Lines Capt. E.J. Smith, First Officer Ralph Stevens, Stewardess Marty Morrow. Watched for 12-15 minutes while four objects… Read More