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Anomalous Mind Management Abductee Contactee Helpline – AMMACH – CONFESSIONS OF AN ALIEN ABDUCTEE – THE AMMACH PROJECT The program is basically an abductee support group called AMMACH (Anomalous Mind Management Abductee Contactee Helpline) Telephone number is, 07951 752 813 Related articles Why the Usa Forced the Empire of Japan Into World War Ii The Horrors of Public Education New Madrid Fault Line – Whose Waking the Monster? 2005: Plum Island, Lyme Disease And Operation Paperclip –… Read More

Antonio Urzi’s UFOs

TV report about the UFO contactee from Italy. Antonio Urzi filmed a lot of interesting sightings over the last years Related articles 1955: Radar-Visual Sightings, June 1-8, Lockheed Martin scientist: ‘There are ALIENS and UFOs at Area 51′ 1995: Lunar Gate Gods of Eden

Physical ufo-contact in former east-Germany in –57:

en annen kontakt som minner endel om denne i Baltikum The contacts of Martin Wiesengrün He had not dared to talk about this for a long time, and therefore used pseudonym name. In the book he is called “Andreas”. He claims it was only when the iron-curtain fell that he was able to read other books, confirming that his own exp.was not unique. He – then in july-57… Read More