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Shocking videos ‘show MASSIVE Alien Motherships’ near the sun claim ‘Experts’

Several videos which have been uploaded to YouTube—one of them has been watched over 1,300,000 times—promise to be the ultimate evidence proving Alien spaceships are common around our sun, and there’s something odd going on. One of the videos—which according to many is beyond spectacular—depicts a mysterious massive object next to the sun that seems to be ‘refueling’. The intriguing videos show what paranormal researchers and UFOlogists are… Read More

Don’t Be Alarmed If You Can’t Remember — Signs You’ve Been Abducted By Aliens

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but did you know that there have been hundreds of thousands of people who have claimed, being a victim of a UFO alien abduction at least once in their lifetime, most without them even being aware of it.  Imagine that? Over hundreds of thousands of people, including many movie […]

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UFOs and Project Moon Dust

Over the years, ufologists have given a great deal of attention to a certain U.S. military program called Project Moon Dust (also referred to as Moondust). Its origins date back to the 1950s. The reason why so much attention has been placed upon Project Moon Dust is because of its potential connection to the issue of alleged crashed and recovered UFOs held by elements of the U.S. military… Read More

Roswell UFO Crash – First Hand Witness Testimony – One Was Alive !

This is Gerald Anderson’s story of the Roswell UFO crash. He was interviewed by famous UFO researcher Stanton Friedman (the same researcher who first obtained Major Jesse A. Marcel’s testimony about the Roswell incident.    During this interview, Gerald Anderson tells of him as a young boy of walking up on a crashed UFO complete with its crew of 4 and with one alien creature still alive. THE… Read More

Is the Dyad UFO “Scout Craft” a Real Lead?

UFOs(1) come in all shapes and sizes, though the flying saucer seems to be the favorite type, at least in popular culture. But one type of alleged alien craft that keeps cropping up in reports of sightings is something called the Dyad UFO “Scout Craft.” The Scout Craft Richard H. Hall describes(2) these craft and how they are alleged to behave: “A striking pattern of reports has emerged… Read More

Navy Releases Video Showing A UFO Spraying Chemicals Into Atmosphere

A Navy helicopter captured a video of a mysterious craft in 2014. The video was released by Comité de Estudios de Fenómenos Aéreos Anómalos (CEFAA), a government-based agency in Chile within the civil aeronautics directorate, DGAC – about the same to the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. The naval officers captured the strange craft through a helicopter-mounted Wescam infrared camera, usually used for covert, aerial surveillance. These types of… Read More

New Revelations on Roswell From Welder at Crash Site

If true, this is one of those revelations that could confirm what many people say happened near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. It also contains information about what was happening before the incident that could change everything we know about it. Or not. On November 11th, MUFON (the Mutual UFO Network) received a report (case 80350) from someone (no name given) claiming he’s an engineer and was a… Read More

Claimed “UFOlogist” Found Dead After Vomiting “Black Liquid”

Max Spiers, a prominent British UFO researcher, has been found dead under what appear to be suspicious circumstances. The thirty-nine year old Canterbury native was a frequent speaker at UFO conferences and was working on a new book about the shadowy wrongdoings of alleged villainous politicians and entertainers around the world. Spiers was found dead on a sofa of a friend in Poland, where he had travelled to… Read More

‘Best UFO Evidence in Years’ During Soyuz Docking With ISS

by Jon Austin THIS footage of the International Space Station apparently surrounded by Unidentifed Flying Objects (UFOs) this week as been branded “the best piece of evidence in years” for the existence of aliens. The footage (below) has caused a storm after being uploaded on a video by YouTube channel Mister Enigma entitled “UFOs seeen everywhere during Soyuz docking on NASA USTREAM.” It shows a portion of the… Read More

Contractor Claims NASA Covered Up 3 UFO Sightings on Moon

A video has surfaced showing a woman claiming to be a former NASA contractor who says she viewed and heard evidence that NASA astronauts saw three UFOs land on the moon which were later covered up in an operation code-named “Santa Claus.” She also claims that thousands of photographs of UFOs have been altered and airbrushed. Is she telling the truth? They didn’t threaten to kill me but… Read More

UFOs Spotted in Bridgewater NJ and Bridgewater MA

There’s a city in New Jersey named Bridgewater. There’s a city in Massachusetts also named Bridgewater. UFOs are frequently spotted in Bridgewater, New Jersey. UFOs are also seen frequently in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. In fact, the one in Massachusetts is the hub of the so-called Bridgewater Triangle, an historical hot spot for UFO and Bigfoot sightings. Are UFOs getting their GPS settings crossed and showing up at the wrong… Read More

What on Earth Crash-Landed in Mexico?

by Locklip Allegedly, a dead extraterrestrial humanoid was as found among other charred debris after a fireball exploded in the sky above Ichmul, Yucatan, in Mexico, causing power faults. The Yucatan Peninsula was, alarmingly, where a huge asteroid or comet is believed to have struck 65 million years ago, killing off the dinosaurs. It is also where several meteors have previously fallen and where many unidentified flying objects… Read More

Abduction: The Lost Life of a Tortured Man

By Chris Holly – A paranormal researcher friend of mine contacted me about my past interviews with people who have encountered unexplained lost time abduction experiences He told me he knew a man who suffered from a lifetime of strange lost time events and thought it may be good for him if to him to talk with me so he would understand he was not alone in this… Read More

UFOs Like the Texas Town of Frisco

The bumper stickers say “Don’t Mess With Texas,” but that doesn’t seem to deter UFOs, at least not in the town of Frisco, where a recent sighting of a cylindrical UFO is only the latest in a long history of UFO visits to this north Texas town. Why are these unidentified objects flying to Frisco? The latest sighting took place on September 18th, 2015. A mother and her10-year-old… Read More